MA Illustration course leader Lisa Richardson presents WITHIN AND BETWEEN: Women, Bodies, Generations.

The exhibition is a collaboration of work from three female artists; Clair Chinnery, Janice Howard and Lisa Richardson and BA (Hons) Costume and Performance Design students, open from 1st April 2019, at Oxford Brookes University. The exhibition will also tour to TheGallery AUB in 2020.

‘Within and Between: Women, Bodies, Generations’ considers the public and private worlds of women on the cusp of change measured through life-altering events, and points out the ‘in-between generation’ from being a child to a mother.

The exhibition explores the physical transformations of motherhood which are not the only transitions that occur during pregnancy, and that further changes await. It is through such processes that selfhood is often sacrificed to the more urgent drive to ‘nurture’ the next generation whilst ‘negotiating’ the deteriorations of the previous one. It probes that, at times physiological changes experienced across extended families collide creating a complex terrain characterised by the ‘metamorphoses’ of puberty, menopause, illness and death and that these uncertain territories can test the strongest of bonds.

With this ‘landscape’ as the backdrop to their current work Chinnery, Howard and Richardson have chosen to bring together varied practices to explore themes and expand the discourses of ‘intergenerationality’ and ‘autoethnography’, examining how these are addressed by contemporary art, literature and thought.