MA Film Practice graduate, Darius Shu has been nominated for this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, New York.

The nomination comes for his most recent short film His Hands, which was co-directed with Arron Blake.

Darius has also just been sponsored by AUB for a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurship visa giving him two years to stay in the UK to launch his own business Silverprince Pictures.

We caught up with Darius following the Tribeca Film Festival, who told us all about his new film, life after uni, the Tribeca Film Festival and meeting Robert De Niro.

Can you tell us a bit about your short film ‘His Hands’?

His Hands is a silent psychological thriller film about two men of different age meeting for the strangest encounter of their lives. We explore themes of ageism, loneliness, acceptance and identity. We wanted to challenge ourselves that it could be done for £400 to prove that if you have the right vision and team you could create a beautiful piece of work. We shot it on one camera, a three-man crew (ourselves), 95 percent on natural light and using all the resources we had, including an iPhone for one particular shot. We wanted to create something that is thought-provoking and most importantly to get people thinking.

How does it feel to be nominated for the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York?

It feels amazing because I never expected we would reach this far having co-directed a film for the first time with Arron Blake and it’s our first film that we made together. We were very pleased to have our premiere at Tribeca Film Festival and it’s a pleasure having our work recognised by one of the most prestigious film festival in the world.