Andrea Rizzotto, second year BA (Hons) Graphic Design student, wins a Gold Award at Creative Conscience in the Product & Structural Design category for his project, The Smart Diabetes Case.

Creative Conscience is a global movement dedicated to improving the communities in which we live and work by promoting socially valuable, human centered designs. The Creative Conscience Awards recognises innovative design projects by students and graduates.


Andrea’s design, The Smart Diabetes Case, is a container aimed at young Diabetic teenagers who do not want to rely on the help of others, and who want to be more independent and safe. In order to create the case, Andrea worked closely with his sister who has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for almost ten years. The design would suit her needs as well as the many other people with the same condition.

The case is embedded with a sensors technology. Using Bluetooth and GPS, the smart container will detect any missing equipment and notify the user via the smartphone app. The same technology is used to notify the user under different circumstances.


We spoke to Andrea to find out the starting point for the project. Andrea had this to say:

“The idea started with my sister, Laura [now nineteen] who was diagnosed with diabetes almost ten years ago. Diabetes is an illness that comports the malfunction of the pancreas which ceases the production of insulin. A diabetic person has to carry with him/her an essential equipment all the time that provides the patient with the necessary insulin for his/her daily life. For Laura, who is a disorganised and inattentive person, having the right equipment with her all the time is a big problem as she often forgets and loses expensive items.”

“The concept of the Smart Diabetes Case started from this idea. I aimed at designing a product which could be beneficial for Diabetic people to help them with their equipment. Combining a smart case embedded with proximity sensors and a smartphone app, the users will have full control of their instruments whether they are going to work or on holiday for a couple of weeks.”


Andrea continues, “I believe that beautiful design can go beyond its visual appearance and convey emotions and feelings to everyone who views it…

Even though I study graphic design at AUB, I find designing products enjoyable. Therefore, during this project I wanted to work in 3D and it is something my course fully supported”.

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Images: Andrea’s Smart Diabetes Case project