Fox Rogers studied BA (Hons) Visual Communication at AUB, graduating in 2013 and has gone on to amass a client list that boasts some of the most recognisable names in the world, such as NatWest, Santander and Lloyds Banking Group.

Now working with Thought Machine, we caught up with Fox to find out more about his three years at AUB and his experiences in the professional world.

“My time at AUB was insightful. I believe university teaches you what your working values are – the habits you develop, the professional relationships you form, and what motivates you.

“It gives you a platform to understand what kind of person you are, so that you might leverage that moving forward in your career.

“You quickly work out whether you’re better at working independently or collaboratively, at what times you’re most productive, how you handle feedback, and how you bounce back from a truly awful pitch.

“Professionalism, to me, is about understanding what kind of worker you are so that you might understand your own value, and I feel studying at AUB helped me realise that value.”

When remembering the move from study to the professional workplace, Fox says he feels it’s a misconception that the transition is always a smooth one.

“The move to industry is always far from smooth and equitable. It happens in fits and starts,” he says. “That’s OK though, everyone else is going (or has gone) through the same thing you are. I was lucky enough that I graduated having won D&AD Student of the Year and went on to do a number of internships in London.

“I also tried out a number of advertising roles and small branding studios, as well as doing a lot of freelance work too. I had to work extremely hard, and commuted well over five hours each day. It was very tough, but worth it.”