“I’ve really come out of myself since being here”

Lucy Pearce is currently in her first year of the BA (Hons) Creative Writing course. She applied in 2017, after finding out about the course during Clearing period.

How did you come to apply through Clearing?

“I applied to Winchester University a few years ago to study Creative Writing, but my anxiety was bad at the time and I didn’t end up going.

I really liked the idea of AUB being solely an arts university. I live close by and I actually first visited AUB a few years ago with my school. I looked around the campus and really liked it.

I only found out about the BA (Hons) Creative Writing course during Clearing. I applied during induction week when classes had already commenced.”

What steps did you have to take next and did you feel supported?

“I applied for the course on the Monday and was accepted by the Thursday. I then started the following Monday. It was really quick.

Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about accommodation as I live at home. So, I was mainly in contact with the AUB Admissions Team and Student Finance. Everyone was really helpful on the phone and they talked me through each step. I was also able to speak to the Creative Writing Course Leader and to ask him about the course.”

How has AUB’s unique environment helped you towards achieving your ambitions?

“AUB has such a relaxed environment where mental health is talked about a lot. There are even wellbeing events on campus – it makes you feel really comfortable.

Choosing AUB has helped my mental health so much. When I first joined the course, I was anxious and very within myself. I feel like I’ve really come out of myself since being here and I’ve made a really nice group of friends. I’ve changed so much.

On the course, I’m gaining lots of useful contacts and I’ve learnt so many different writing styles. I write for a music blog and we’re learning to do this on the course at the moment, so it’s all really helpful.”

Lastly, what’s your advice to future students considering Clearing?

“Go for it! It’s worth giving it a try. Just make sure that you’re prepared and it’s something you definitely want to do.”