“Applying here is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.”

Leah is in her first year, studying BA (Hons) Creative Writing. She applied directly through Clearing in 2017. She tells us more about her experience of the application process.

Can you tell us about how you came to apply through Clearing?

I didn’t know the BA (Hons) Creative Writing course was available – it was a brand new course last September. After a little bit of encouragement, I called up to enquire and was offered a place really quickly. I’m a mature student and left my office job to study here. But creative writing has always been something I’ve loved so when I heard about the degree, I had to go for it!

The application process was really straightforward. There were regular emails with updates about everything that I needed to do before enrolling. I felt reassured, informed and confident throughout.

Where did you look for support with Clearing?

There was a lot of really helpful information on the UCAS website. I used social media to get in touch with relevant teams – so Twitter, Facebook – things like that. And when I did email the Admissions team at AUB, they were very responsive. I never felt like my questions weren’t being answered.

Why did you choose AUB?

I’m based in Bournemouth, so it’s fantastic that this course is available where I already live. I also love the fact that AUB is a specialist arts university and so industry-focused. That really was such a clincher for me because it feels like you’re not only getting an academic experience, you’re also getting professional training that you can apply to a career.

We get to collaborate with loads of different courses and we have industry professionals coming in and teaching us lots of other great ways to earn money as a writer, doing things like teaching, journalism and commercial copywriting.

For example, we had a visit from broadcaster and author, Kate Adie. It was like a dream to see her talk. It was brilliant. That was one of the best days of the degree so far, I think. I’ve not seen any other degrees like this, in terms of the focus on securing a future income using what we learn on the degree.

Applying here is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I would encourage everyone to do the same if they are looking to pursue a creative career. This is a place where that’s nurtured and really brought to life.

How did you find organising financial support?

I did qualify for student finance, so I applied for that the same day that I got offered my place and it all came together in time.

What positives have come from going through Clearing?

The process was so quick. I get anxious, so it was great to have updates throughout. It was really straightforward. It’s great that you can speak to someone on the phone too, who can answer all your questions. That was really reassuring.

What advice would you give to applicants considering a similar route?

I’d probably pass on a piece of advice that my mum gave me which is: when you knock on the right door, it will open for you. I think you have to create your own opportunities in life and put yourself out there. But also just to be discerning and really think about if it’s the right fit for you as well. Make sure you’re thinking carefully about your choices.

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