BA (Hons) Creative Events Management students recently paid a visit to AUB’s on-site Museum of Design in Plastic (MoDiP), as part of their first year Culture and Society unit.

Located within the AUB Library, MoDiP is a specialist research resource and the only accredited museum in the UK with a focus on plastics.

The museum is designed to aid an understanding and appreciation of popular design and culture. Established in 1998, the museum holds over 12,500 artefacts from the 20th and 21st Century.


Speaking about the visit, Cathy John, Senior Lecturer on the BA (Hons) Creative Events Management course, said:

“We asked groups of students to scrutinise and research objects from the Museum’s collection and to generate ideas about how they would present the objects in an innovative creative event. 

The research into a wartime blouse, a Bic pen, and a vintage piece of Tupperware produced some fresh and distinctive plans for events, bringing the design and social history of these objects to life.”

AUB student, Hattie Warne, added:

This session taught me that plastic can be fantastic and interesting! It opened my eyes to the history and variety of different types of plastic.”


The BA (Hons) Creative Events Management course is at the heart of the cultural and creative industries. This course gives you the opportunity to work with creative practitioners and external clients, while providing you with the tools to foster your skills and carve a rewarding career in the creative events industry.

Images: Snippets from the course’s visit to Museum of Design in Plastic.