To celebrate the 60th birthday of Barbie, Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) has been creating content and design work throughout the year to highlight the important role that the popular toy has played in educating and inspiring children across the world.

This month, AUB has showcased its students’ costume design work through Barbie60, a video that reflects 60 years of Barbie in 60 seconds by showcasing her diverse range of careers, costumes and lifestyles.

AUB alumnus Mark Sephton, of Creative Forager, Creative Director for Barbie60, said: “Barbie60 is all about finding a creative way to showcase the brilliant work of some very talented students as well as how Barbie has transcended gender barriers throughout her existence.”

He added: “What better way to celebrate Barbie’s 60th birthday year and the diverse skills of the costume course, than making a rapid-fire 60-second film that captures 60 of her costumes spanning 6 decades.”