An Arts University Bournemouth Course Leader has written a book on how to be a costume supervisor – from the very first meeting to the final performance.

Rebecca Pride is the Course Leader for Costume and Performance Design at AUB and with more than 30 years’ experience in costume and theatre design, she wanted to pass on her knowledge to the next generation.

Her new book, ‘The Costume Supervisor’s Toolkit: Supervising Theatre Costume Production from First Meeting to Final Performance’, is the culmination of all those years of experience, plus two years of research and a year of writing. It explores the responsibilities of a Costume Supervisor within the setting of a theatrical, opera or dance production company. The book is a how-to guide, designed to give detailed insight into the best working practices any budding costume supervisor should adopt. From the first meeting to creating a team, creating a Costume Bible for a performance and managing fittings, this book guides supervisors right through the process and up to the final rehearsals.

Rebecca said she wanted to create it because, while the knowledge of costume supervisors was passed down from one to the next, there was no actual text on the subject. The role of Costume Supervisor is a ‘pivotal’ one within the theatre, Rebecca said. They create the Costume Bible, a book of all the costumes; where they were sourced, how they were created, the measurements and budgets. This acts as a form of archive reference so that the production could be recreated by another team later on.