Lecturers, students and alumni from the Costume course have been involved in a number of projects relating to the Cultural Olympiad, below Adele Keeley has highlighted just a few of the ways in which they have ensured their participation:

Moving Tides
The Moving Tides Procession 2012 welcomes the arrival of the Olympic Torch to Weymouth on the 12th July from 5pm. This procession showcases a collection of magnificent and colourful costumes created by children and young people from Weymouth and Portland working with together with costume design students from the AUB. The 2012 theme is ‘Oceans Of The World’. And the parade will see aqueous angelfish, Jurassic creatures, dancing yellow seagulls swaying to the beat of the drums.

The project gives local pupils the opportunity to work with Costume and Make-up student from the Arts University Bournemouth who bring their skills into the local schools and work together with the young people to create costumes from the depths of the oceans.

On the 25 and 26th February the AUB will host a workshop weekend where teachers, local artists and AUB student will work together to develop their skills in preparation for the schools workshops which will take place later in the year. international design company, Kinetika will run the weekend. Kinetika is a London based company with a focus on outdoor arts, events and celebrations.

The Moving Tides Procession is funded by: The Arts Council of England South West, Awards For All, RELAYS and Dorset County Council.

Battle for the Winds
Battle for the Winds is a large-scale event marking the opening celebrations of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Sailing events in Weymouth.

A diverse ensemble of partners gathered from across the seven counties of the South West and beyond will collaborate to create this stunning and unforgettable piece of outdoor performance lead by Cirque Bijou and Desperate Men. The performance which takes place in Weymouth on the 27th, 28th and 29th July will showcase the costumes designed and created by students from the AUB. AUB Post-Graduate student, Sarah Dicks, has been a mayor player in the development of this visually stunning performance. As costume designer, Sarah has designed and array of colourful and fantastical costumes and construction students on the BA Costume with Performance Design course are currently making these costumes as part of their studies.

This wild and wonderful story tell the tale of 3 days.

26th July – Weymouth Beach – The Gathering and Ceremony of the Winds

Throughout the day, the seven wind gathering teams and their vessels arrive in Weymouth and Portland to present their winds to Aeolus, the ruler of the winds. On the beach, tension mounts and the winds battle it out in a spectacular performance involving hundreds of artists, that takes place on land and in the air.

27th July – High Angle Battery, Portland – The Search for Doldrum?s Lair

The search for, villan of the piece, Doldrum and his lair of stone continues amongst the stunning scenery of Portland quarries and an abandoned Napoleonic fort. A 20 minute multimedia installation explores the myth of Doldrum, who has captured the pure South West Wind?

28th July – Weymouth Beach – The Final Battle

‘Breathe’ picks up the story; Doldrum has captured some of the Breathers in an attempt to stop the winds. The story reveals how the Breathers are released, reunited and Doldrum overcome, for the winds to be handed over to Aeolus.

The Battle for the Winds ensemble will join the Breathe Company in a final dramatic celebration of the release of the winds, including a massed ‘squibbing’ performance, fire torches in the sea, performances on stage and in the air, video projections and pyrotechnics. The winds are released to the sea and the sailing events can commence.


Kinetica Workshop for Moving Tides

‘Breathe’ is a breathtaking outdoor performance of circus, dance and cabaret where people who cannot walk will fly, wheelchairs will float, those without voices will speak and all will soar high above Weymouth. This local and international cast of disabled and non-disabled performers will perform the most diverse outdoor performance the South West has ever seen as part of the Battle for the Winds spectacular.

Breathe has been commissioned for Unlimited, a project celebrating disability, arts, culture and sport on an unprecedented scale as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

2nd year Students from the BA Costume with Performance Design Course are currently designing costumes for the characters in the Breathe Performance. The ‘Breathers’ are people who live on the beach but rarely noticed by passers by. They are the beach and the beach is them. Using unusual resources and recycled materials student are exploring interesting shapes and unique textures to create a ensemble of diverse and eye-catching costumes for this dance performance.

Chalk Legends
The Chalk Legends is an ambitious Dorset community-based music and dance project inspired by the London 2012 Games. Devised by The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Partners, The Chalk Legends is a large scale music, dance and multi-media project culminating in a spectacular presentation at the National Sailing Academy on Portland on the 18th and 19th May. It tells the story of the forgotten world of Dorset told by the people who live there today.

Award winning composer Stephen McNeff, the BSO’s former Composer in Residence, will write a series of musical works for The Chalk Legends project – composing for small chamber ensembles from communities within Dorset to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra performing fanfares to more than twenty-thousand people in the open air.

BA Costume students are working with students studying on the Preparation for Higher Education course to create the costumes designed by Janey Jane. The worlds of Viking and Saxons are explored through interesting textures, fabrics and colour.