A composer and musician-in-residence at the UK’s only dedicated plastics museum, MoDiP, has written a chamber opera about plastics, which will be staged in August at The Place in London.

Synthetica, which looks at plastics’ original role as a universal remedy and its subsequent detrimental effects on the environment, has been directed by Katharine Piercey, course leader for BA (Hons) Acting at AUB, and written by composer Karen Wimhurst.

Karen has written a wide-range of music for orchestras, as well as for commissions by BBC Radio 4 and ITV, and has worked with the Welsh National Orchestra and the Westminster Opera Team.

The performance, which features music made with plastic objects, is presented as a fractured narrative performed by Canadian soprano, Brittany Soriano, virtuoso trumpet player, Elaine Close, and underlaid with live turntable grooves from Bristol DJ, Ole Rudd.

The Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDiP), which is based at and supported by Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), is the UK’s only museum dedicated to preserving, researching and documenting plastics by exploring their origins, uses and effects upon the modern world.