AUBSU & Bestival Presents Open Lecture: Festivals as a Platform for Art

After receiving an energetic welcome when AUB ran its annual project, AUB24, and end of term party with the award-winning boutique music festival in May 2017, on Monday 12th February, students at AUB welcomed Bestival back for an Open Lecture.

The panel discussion, featuring Cara Kane, Beatrix Eden and Danger Dave who work for the festival, was led by the AUBSU. They discussed everything from their creative processes and how they find their inspiration, to failed ideas and financing.


Cara Kane, Bestival Creative Producer, also happens to be an AUB alumna. She spoke about how ‘…everything [at Bestival] has been thought about…’ which is why the festival ‘flows into itself.’ She also stressed the importance of sorting your contracts and Terms and Conditions, describing it as a ‘scary but important’ factor with any event.


Following on from Cara, Beatrix Eden, Pyrite Creative Director & Artist, spoke about the importance of planning your materials. Whether you’re creating a giant sculpture to stage people or a small art installation, if you are below target then funds will likely come from your own wages.


Dressed in vibrant garb, Danger Dave, founder of CoolShit/Hungry Castle, discussed the idea creation process. Many ideas are shared but the panel act as a microphone – ‘We make it bigger and interactive’.

Ticket for this year’s Bestival are on sale now.