Students from BA (Hons) Graphic Design, BA (Hons) Architecture, BA (Hons) Visual Communication and BA (Hons) Modelmaking collaborate on a two-day sustainability workshop.

The workshop was part of the AUB Human series of events that aim to inspire and challenge students to consider their own obligation towards social, ethical and sustainable practices.


Jack Davey, Senior Art Director from RLA, a creative agency who have worked with over 60 automotive brands, kicked off Day 1 of the workshop. Jack briefed the students, giving an inspiring talk that explained that if you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint your car is the first thing to consider.

Electric cars are often seen as a future form of transport, but with many fully-electric and hybrid options from both emerging and established automakers, electric cars are already a viable option. This formed the basis of the workshop to promote the consideration and purchase of an electric vehicle by the UK car buying population. Jack ended the presentation by summing up the key proposition from the brief: “It’s time to join the electric revolution.” 

Students had five hours to develop concepts and present back to Jack at the end of the day for feedback. 

Jack said: “ I was hugely impressed by the students’ work. With only 5 hours from briefing to presenting the finished work, I was amazed at both the rich variety of ideas on show, and the high-level to which the work was finished. It was a really exciting day and the students were a pleasure to work with”.

Will Broomfield, second-year Graphic Design student commented:“The workshop was brilliant! We were able to collaborate with different creative disciplines, drawing on the different approaches and skills of Graphic Designers, Visual Communicators, Architects and Modelmakers. I certainly learned a lot from the other disciplines and look forward to the next collaboration.” 

Day 2

John Owen facilitated Day 2 of the workshop. Until 2016, John contributed to the Automotive, Product and Transport Design program at Coventry University. John kicked off with an engaging and insightful presentation where students were encouraged to study and consider the curves of a car. This was followed by a walking tour around the university car park.

John then set the task of making a full-sized section of a BMWi3 from recycled card. Students worked in multi-disciplinary, collaborative teams to create the cardboard BMWi3 in just four hours.

Katie Dadswell, a second-year Graphic Design student said: “The two-day workshop was a great opportunity to work with students from other courses whilst learning about sustainability. Being able to make something to scale from cardboard was also really fun, and it has given me more confidence to work with recycled materials in future”.

Alice Stevens, Senior Lecturer for Graphic Design added: “We are grateful to both Jack and John for facilitating such inspiring workshops. It is crucial that we consider sustainability and inspire students to use their creativity and critical thinking skills in applying themselves to how they might contribute to a more sustainable future”. 

Students involved

Will Broomfield, Oliver Gear, Jacob Sutton, Chris Kyte, Edmunds Indulens, Emily Hood, Lewis Hales, Jacob James, Katie Dadswell, Aidan Booth, Aaron Courts, Maat Akouala, Shuya Ruan, Aaron Morris, Bella Green, Steph Marsh, Alex Finn, Tom Wassel, Jack Davis, James Saupin, Yufeng Li, Alexandra Stephenson, Isobel Brady, Ellie Hayward, Max Wright, Fran Xavier, Dominic Rushton, Alice Soulard, Kathryn Charleston, Isobel Furniss, Frederick Wiltshire, Louise Payne, Harry Quarendon, Chloe Harty, Julia Hargreves, Aleksandra Pfeifer, Sarah Crystal, Henrike Johannsen, Kira Vincent, Samuel Reece, Jonny Cinacinti