Tom Tapper, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Nice and Serious

Having worked with some of the globe’s biggest brands – IKEA, The Guardian, and WWF included – Tom knows a thing or two about the ever-changing landscape of advertising.

Based in London and New York, his ethically-driven creative agency, Nice and Serious, create campaigns, films, and animations that support the social and environmental causes central to the agency’s message.

In his video, Tom talks more about this message, and his advice for the creatives of today:

“The philosophy that underpins [Nice and Serious] is very simple: it’s about giving good causes great creative work that they need to amplify the message in order to create change in society and our environment.

I’ve agreed to be a part of the AUB Human Symposium for a couple of reasons really. One, because we have a few AUB graduates at Nice and Serious… And two, because I believe in what the symposium is trying to achieve: it’s really about inspiring the next generation of creatives talent to think about the social implication of design and the impact that they can have as creatives on the world.”

(Tom Tapper’s AUB Human interview)

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