Phil Christopher, Managing Director of Huff and Puff Construction Limited

Phil and his company are passionate about building with straw bales – a sustainable, natural, and breathable building solution. The straw bale building technique is highly insulating, resulting in buildings that are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

In his interview, Phil explains Huff and Puff Construction’s key message, along with valuable advice to those beginning in their careers:

“We’re a very young group but we’re making great strides in things like the ‘Up Straw’ project, to try and increase the number of straw bale buildings in urban and public buildings.”

“To do something productive with a higher education establishment in Dorset is perfect for us because it’s just the kind of ethical and collaborative stuff we want our business to be about.”

“If you’re young and at the start of your working life, don’t be afraid to try stuff. You’ve got to test your comfort zone a bit.”

(Phil Christopher’s AUB Human interview)

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