Jacob Sutton, BA (Hons) Graphic Design student

Jacob Sutton is in the third year of the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course. At the 2017 Creative Conscience Awards, he won Silver in the ‘New Technology’ category for his project, Safe Worker. The Creative Conscious Awards recognises innovative design projects produced by students and graduates.

For the competition, Jacob created a piece of ‘wearable tech’ that can be compressed to alert friends and family when the wearer is in danger. This innovative technology is designed to assist people like Social Workers and Nurses who work in high-risk jobs.

In the video interview, Jacob discusses the thought behind his creation and his future career plans:

“It was a project based around trying to get social workers to feel safer and more confident in the workplace… I found when I started the project that people who help people don’t get any help.”

“[The project] really opened my eyes to what I want to do when I leave university… I want to make sure I do something really rewarding.”

(Jacob Sutton’s AUB Human interview)

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