Eilidh Smith, BA (Hons) Graphic Design student

Eilidh is currently in the final year of her BA (Hons) Graphic Design degree. In 2017, she won Gold in the ‘Film and Photography’ category at the Creative Conscience Awards for her film, Leaving Your Mark. The Creative Conscience Awards recognises innovative design projects by students and graduates.

Based on case study interviews with those who have been bullied, and key statistics about bullying, Eilidh’s film stresses the importance of considering your actions and words to avoid leaving a permanent imprint on a victim’s mental image, which can have a serious impact on their self-esteem.

In her video interview, Eilidh discusses the issues addressed in her film project, and why bullying is a problem that cannot be ignored:

“My project is a film for anti-bullying that encourages young people to think about the lasting impact and permanent damage that can be caused by their words and actions.”

“Bullying isn’t something that just affects you when it’s happening, it’s also something that is much more lasting.”

(Eilidh Smith’s AUB Human interview)

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