Dominic Latham & Jimmy Edmondson, Co-Founders of Minute Works

Just like AUB Human, Dominic and Jimmy, the Co-Founders of Minute Work, are devoted to ‘positive change’ projects. The forward-thinking Manchester based graphic design studio has worked with the likes of The Green Party and Greenpeace, creating stand-out communications that promote sustainable practice for good causes.

In addition to discussing their philosophy and past projects, Jimmy shared his experiences of entering the working world post-university and the issues he faced:

Dominic: “We’ve done a lot of work in response to fracking, and a lot of campaign work that is there to raise awareness in the local community that there are proposed racking sites in the area that you might own your house and the risk that could pose to your property in the future…”

Jimmy: “When I was at university it was very commercially driven, and I didn’t have anyone who would even open the door to this way of thinking and this type of work. It takes a lot of effort to get the right type of job for you…”

(Jimmy and Dominic’s AUB Human interview)

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