Printmakers from Arts University Bournemouth have celebrated a hugely successful year after exhibiting their work at prestigious events in both the UK and Spain.

Alongside AUB Technician Demonstrator Preeti Sood, MA Fine Art students Joshua Hill-Walsh, Ida Golebiowska and Connor Brewer have been exhibiting their work at the International Mini Print Exhibition in Spain.

The exhibition, which runs from August to December, is based in Cantabria at the Centro de Arte Faro Cabo Mayor, and features the work of artists from across the world.

Technician Demonstrator Preeti Sood, whose work is also featuring in the exhibition, said: “I’m really impressed when my students are able to demonstrate their understanding from how the work is made in the Printroom, to how it is transported and judged through a panel, before being exhibited in public spaces for others to see and enjoy.

“Students are exploring how Print can be used as a medium and as a visual language within their own practices to communicate their ideas and thoughts.

“This particular collection is really impressive and with the quality of work being so very high, it’s quite an accolade for Josh, Ida and Connor, who should be rightfully proud of having held a place on its walls.”