AUB’s Fashion department has hosted virtual 3D fashion design software CLO for its first UK masterclasses.

Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) has been using CLO 3D virtual design software since 2018, incorporating the CAD-based programme into design work and assignments, as well as using the platform to collaborate with Industry looking at how the software can be used  from the initial design stage to reduce waste and enhance sustainable practice.

Live projects have given way for new sustainable design methodologies to be practiced by students and proposed / presented to industry. Last year CLO 3D was used to underpin a second year project with Honorary Fellow Vivienne Westwood and the university’s cutting edge approach to sustainable design and virtual prototyping is attracting much attention from established design houses who wish to collaborate with the BA Fashion Design and MA digital fashion innovation.

The software, is used globally to digitally construct true-to-life garment visualisations, and is increasingly being adopted by international fashion houses and designers to minimise the environmental and ecological impact of physical pattern-cutting , sampling and garment revisions.

The Munich-based software brand chose to work with AUB for its UK masterclasses after becoming aware of the university’s link with industry and experimental practices using the software on its BA Fashion Design Course

A number of AUB graduates have adopted the software in-industry after graduating, including fashion student Heida Jonsdottir. Heida now works as a Digital Product Engineering Assistant at Burberry, and created a fully rendered digital catwalk in her final year of study.