Costume and Performance Design staff and students at AUB have manufactured and sent hundreds of sanitary hygiene packs to The Gambia in a bid to end period poverty.

AUB Costume and Performance Design students, along with tutors from across all study levels, came together to collaborate on a day long manufacturing event, supervised by Level 6 students Maisie Thomas, Eliza Reed and Katy Perks.

The team was also joined by Sandra Sherwood, a permanent member of the Days for Girls team who helped lead the event and share with the students her experiences distributing the equipment in The Gambia.

In the Western African nation, a lack of sanitary products means that on average girls miss 48 days of school a year during their periods, with more than 1 in 10 girls missing school due to poor sanitary facilities.

These sanitary hygiene packs, if cared for correctly, will last for three years and consist of: two shields, eight liners, a dignity bag, a wash bag, a bar of soap, a flannel, and two pairs of pants, all sourced and/or handmade by AUB’s costume department.

Speaking about the running of the day, Eliza Reed, Costume and Performance Design student said: “It was a really nice day of everyone collaborating together. People came into university knowing that they were going to make a difference to somebody.

“We had an opt in policy, so people who came were really passionate about the cause; they intended to be there for a reason.”

Now finished, these packs will be taken to The Gambia and distributed to schoolgirls throughout the country.