Fresh from a powerful unveiling at New York’s UN Climate Action Summit, artist Michael Pinsky’s ground-breaking Pollution Pods will now be seen on Brownsea Island in Dorset.

The Pods, which have been at the centre of continued calls for action over climate change at New York’s UN Climate Action Summit, will now be visiting Brownsea Island on Dorset’s iconic Jurassic Coast after funding from AUB, hosting from National Trust and a collaboration between Cape Farewell and Activate Dorset.

While in New York, the series of interlinked geodesic domes were visited by climate activist Greta Thunberg who heard first hand from Michael Pinsky how the atmosphere in each recreates the air quality, smell and temperature of five major cities – Tautra, London, Beijing, São Paulo and New Delhi.

This time, the Pods will be at Brownsea Island from Friday 25 to Tuesday 29 October in a collaboration between Activate, producers of Inside Out Dorset, the county’s biennial outdoor arts festival, and Cape Farewell, the artist-led organisation that uses culture to change how people think about climate change, with support from the National Trust.

Students from five undergraduate programmes at AUB, which has part-funded the installation on Brownsea Island, will be visiting to undertake a number of projects inspired by Pollution Pods, including graphic design projects around climate data, as well as inspired field work in areas of creative writing and architecture.