A BA (Hons) Fine Art Senior Lecturer has invited one of his former students to join him in a London exhibition that is now open

Associate Professor Dominic Shepherd has chosen Steve Moberly to be part of Fully Awake, a group show at the Dyson Gallery featuring work by 36 artists.

The event aims to celebrate the “inter-generational relationships formed by teaching painting in UK art schools.”

To make this happen, the curators invited 12 artists to submit a piece of work, then each of them were given the chance to invite two guest artists to exhibit with them.

One had to be an artist they were taught by, the other one of their students and the organisers say this “unorthodox approach creates engaging and surprising relationships between those participating”.

Dominic chose Andrew Stahl, a professor at the Slade School of Fine Art, as his teacher together with Steve as his student.

Talking about Steve, Dominic said: “The pleasure in teaching Steve was that he would ask questions that I could not easily answer. As teachers and practitioners, we are all still learning and the conversations we had concerning ‘paint’ made that very evident. I

“It is one thing to question another’s practice, quite another when it leads one to question ones’ own.

“Steve was very much at the nascent moment of the rebirth of painting at AUB. This momentum has led to the creation of a designated painting studio ‘PAINTLAB’ within Fine Art.”