Since graduating from BA (Hons) Make-up for Media and Performance at AUB in 2015 Samantha Hutchings has been Wigs Assistant on both the Hairspray UK Tour and the Dirty Dancing International Tour

She is currently on the Miss Saigon International Tour where her job involves setting and dressing out wigs, preparing actors hair and securely putting on their wigs. Samantha says the shows can be very fast-paced backstage and involve her constantly changing wigs or hairstyles throughout the performance.

Here she tells us what she’s been doing since leaving AUB.

What is the most exciting aspect of your make-up career thus far?

My most exciting moment of my career so far was getting the job on Miss Saigon. I have admired the show for a long time as it has such a brilliant history within the industry. I was so excited and honoured to be able to be apart of that.