Yasmin Smith studied BA (Hons) Textiles at AUB, graduating in 2014. She joined Blendworth Interiors as a Design Assistant in 2015 and has since been promoted to Senior Designer

We visited Yasmin at the Blendworth studio in Horndean, Hampshire, to find out what projects she is currently working on.

Was this your first role after leaving AUB?

I worked in call centres for a bit of money when I moved home after graduating. I was there for six months then in March 2015 I joined Blendworth Interiors as a Design Assistant. At the beginning I was working in the studio but I didn’t really do a lot of designing. I was helping the studio as much as I could, doing things like colour work and repeat work, as well as admin. Then when we had a change of management I was promoted to Designer. That’s when we started drawing artwork in house, and now I’m Senior Designer.

What was your first big project here which you look back on as a success?

I’m proud of all of my work here at Blendworth but I would definitely say the latest collection ‘Library’. I had a great time doing other ones as well, but I didn’t feel like they were mine. They weren’t my artwork, they were someone else’s and we just recoloured them. But these ones I painted from scratch – they’re like my babies. I’ve watched them develop from drawings to fabric with my director at the time. We really created this collection together and I loved working with her. I spent a lot of time working on these designs, at the time I didn’t think I would ever get them as detailed as the original inspirations, but after a lot of painting and tracing I was able to get my drawings to slot together perfectly. The end result was loved in the studio, but it was when the design arrived in our warehouse printed on velvet that I was in love.