Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) academic Professor Paul Wenham-Clarke has been chosen to exhibit his work at a national photography exhibition alongside MA student Camilla Murray and AUB graduates Gianluca Urdiroz Agati and Arthur Comely.

The group are winners of the Portrait of Britain, a national photography exhibition showcasing the variety and diversity of life across the UK, with AUB alumni Kate Wolstenholme being among those shortlisted for the competition.

Now in its fourth year, The British Journal of Photography’s flagship event is the largest exhibition of modern and contemporary photography portraiture in the UK, highlighting the work of 100 photographers from across the nation. Initially developed in 2016 against the backdrop of the UK’s Brexit referendum result, 2019’s exhibition looks at how the British public have responded to a ‘nation in flux’, exemplifying the ‘eccentric and resilient British spirit’.

Camilla’s work captures the childhood youthfulness of her nine-year old nephew, Jayden, who lives in Shaftesbury, whom she describes as cheeky, kind, loving and very entertaining.

She said: “I became interested in the area of gender and how it can be androgynous as Jayden demonstrates – it was definitely a matter I wanted to look into. I shot the project on a Canon 550D with a 50mm lens, and I chose Jayden because he’s very photogenic and has the ability to adapt to a range of photographic situations with ease. He’s also easy to get hold of because he’s my nephew!

“I was so shocked and surprised to exhibit – I really wasn’t expecting it. To have my work published in a book and on advertising sites in train stations and shopping centres is just amazing. I like to think that it was Jayden that won, not me, and he now thinks he’s famous!”