Fine Art students from Arts University Bournemouth have created a new ident for ITV’s broadcast channels.

A group of eight BA (Hons) Fine Art students from AUB have been working with Course Leader Richard Waring to create a large-scale dynamic charcoal drawing of the ITV ident which will be shown to more than 38.5 million viewers on ITV1 from 5-9 August.

To complete the visual, a large projection of the ITV ident is beamed onto a 5m x 3m vertical drawing surface, with the students moving into this light in reflective boiler suits to draw with charcoal. The ident is then seen reflecting and refracting across moving bodies as students climb step ladders to add to the piece.

Course Leader Richard Waring said: “This large-scale group drawing work is inspired by the collaborative nature of ITV and by the viewers vision and perceptions of space within the illuminated TV screen – the 2D picture plane.

He added: “It presents a team of students working together to achieve a goal that would be unachievable as an individual, showing that by working together people are stronger.”

AUB Fine Art student Tilly Collins, said: “I had a really great time and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to take part. It was a real pleasure to collaborate on a piece, with not only people from the course, but also the people from ITV. That fact that it’s going to be on TV is just a bonus and makes the day even more memorable.”