I found the Clearing process very quick and simple.”

Emily currently studies BA (Hons) Architecture at AUB and is in her first year. She tells us more about applying through Clearing.

Can you tell us about how you came to apply through Clearing?

“It was quite a last-minute decision. I was due to start on another course at a different university as part of an apprenticeship scheme with my employer, but this fell through. I decided I still wanted to return to university, but it was late into the summer by then and Clearing was the only way to apply.

I live in Salisbury, so AUB was close to home. The course looked like it had a good programme and structure. I didn’t actually manage to visit the campus before starting, but I felt confident in the course.

Studying at AUB means I have the opportunity to collaborate and be surrounded by a huge variety of creative courses and specialities. Collaboration projects have aided my teamwork skills for a future in practice.

I called AUB and was asked to send my CV and personal statement across. I then received confirmation of my place and had to go through the UCAS website to confirm everything officially. I found the Clearing process very quick and simple.”

What positives have come from applying through Clearing?

“Applying through Clearing meant that I already had my A-Level results, so I wasn’t waiting for acceptance regarding my grades. The process was simple and made me feel that the University was taking into account my skills and experience.

I wish I’d known how simple Clearing is if you already have your results. I was expecting it to be more complicated. I’d advise applicants to try to be as productive as you can in regards to researching the course and university itself, especially if you aren’t able to go and visit the campus itself.”

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