2017 graduate animations Liv and Vida, have been selected for screenings at the 26th International Animation Festival of Brazil, Anima Mundi.

Vida will be screened in the Panorama programme, while Liv will take part in the Animation Course/Student programme. The annual festival takes place in various Brazillian cities across 2018. Firstly, in Rio de Janeiro from 24th to 29th July, and then in São Paulo from 1st to 5th August. In addition, Anima Mundi will also hold a show in Brasilia, where part of the programme presented at Anima Mundi will be shown.


Liv was written and directed by BA (Hons) Animation Production graduate, Sunniva Fluge Hole. The 2017 graduate animation follows Liv, who is terminally ill. She decides to go back to her roots in order to live out the rest of her life in the wild.

Liv (2017) trailer:

Vimeo thumbnail


Vida, details the experiences of a young girl of the same name during World War II. This emotive animation was written and directed by alumna Andrea Popovic. The story itself is based on the real-life experiences of Andrea’s grandmother.

Vida (2017) trailer:

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