BA (Hons) Commercial Photography student.

“Living in Bournemouth was always a childhood dream of mine, I had come here to the beach with my family, and since then I fell in love with the atmosphere, with the friendly faces I saw and the fresh south sea air! So when it came to picking a university I had no trouble there, as I wanted every opportunity to come back and live here – and of course,  the university is well known for its creative spark and amazing approach to education.

When I finally moved down, I was amazed to find how much Dorset had to offer, there are great little unique shops from Winton, to Westbourne to Bournemouth town centre and Poole. I love shopping, so everything was a positive for me. I also found that people were friendly with directions during my first week or two here, and most things you need are right around you!

I enjoy cycling across the beach wether it’s summer or winter, it’s relaxing and quite soothing, especially with some music in your headphones.

I really love the chilled out zones in Bournemouth, 60 million postcards is a great place for drinks and food. Most students meet up there for socials and it’s just great to let your hair down and enjoy a great variety of music and have a laugh. I also find myself in The Parkstone and Heatherlands pub, which is in Winton just to indulge in some good cheap food.

Summer is just amazing down in Bournemouth with annual events such as ‘Summer Ball’, where students take great pride in the costumes they put together, and have one great massive party!

If you’re interested in sports activities there is surfing, badminton, netball, and many more which run throughout the year, and there are great people to meet from various courses, which is a bonus when you need to collaborate on projects.

There are other great short courses and societies to join, with up to date events sent straight to you, so there’s nothing to miss out on.

I really enjoy my course. I have great support from AUB, it’s got such a buzzing feel and loose great energy. It’s an environment that keeps on giving! In the future, I plan to take part in other stress relieving classes such as life drawing in my spare time, to better myself personally with my drawing skills.”