BA (Hons) Creative Events Management student. By studying abroad I have pushed boundaries that expanded my capabilities as an artist and individual.

After graduating high school in the US, I knew I wanted to travel. In the UK I’ll earn my degree in three years, rather than four, and be spending a lot less on tuition. Having never been to England, I took a chance and embarked on an adventure that continues to be an amazing experience.

Living alone for the first time is exciting, but causes a whole lot of anxiety. The university held an induction week in September, which really helped me to settle in.

During my first semester at university, a friend from my course brought me to Global Café. This is a free coffee house hosted by the Bournemouth University chaplaincy for international students to mingle and get acquainted, which meets every Wednesday. It also helps unite AUB and BU students, since our campuses are right next door to each other. Since then I’ve made many friends from all over the world, including England, Germany, Austria, China, Singapore, Portugal, Cyprus, and various other countries! We’ve become an alternative family! We celebrate holidays together and share our home cultures through food, music, and stories.

Something that I really appreciate about my course is that it’s small. I have a one-on-one connection with my lecturers and I feel I belong to a community of artists. This year I am managing the dance society. We have a few classes in different styles and dancers of every level attend! I am also performing in the musical ‘Grease’ this spring with the AUB & BU Performing Arts Society. Through the student union at both AUB and BU there are opportunities to try something new every semester! I’ve been in some really interesting cross-course projects; such as acting in a motion capture for a short animated film… You never know what you’ll get involved in!

The Arts University Bournemouth has proven to be a wonderful place to study and live! I’m very happy to have travelled across the pond, and plan to explore even more!

Here’s a little video of my first semester.