A report published this week rates Arts University Bournemouth amongst the very best at finding graduate employment for students who would not typically have the opportunity to enter higher education.

In a proposed new Social Mobility Graduate Index, Arts University Bournemouth is rated 7th out of 162 institutions due to the large number of students from disadvantaged groups or backgrounds and non-traditional students in graduate-level jobs within six months of leaving university.

Pauline Smith, Widening Participation Manager said:

 “We have a long history of welcoming students with great potential, regardless of background. I am absolutely delighted at this confirmation of the success of our graduates. The creative industries are expected to grow much faster than the rest of the UK economy and are now likely to employ around 1.3 million people, many of whom could be in new professional roles, and we look forward to seeing these roles being filled by AUB graduates in future also.”

The news comes as AUB’s ‘Who Are You’ creative brief comes to close – A project that puts Art Schools at the intersection of aspiring creative talent and the creative industries. ‘Who Are You’ raises a mirror to the young creative talent of today, asking 14- 19 year olds to submit artwork about who they are. A panel of legendary creative judges, including Rankin and Giles Duley, pick their favourites to be super sized onto billboards across the UK.  Read more about Who Are You on The Guardian.

Humanitarian photographer and Alumni Giles Duley commented: “What I love about ‘Who Are You’ is that it’s not just about winning a prize, its about encouraging people from a young age to get their work out there. Some of the work last year was as good as professional work. Art is about communication, first communicating with yourself, and then other people and this competition is an important step. So many people I know got into art in their teens, but then gave it all up as the years went by. Encouragement at this stage will hopefully make people carry on with their creative dreams.”