Regulatory Framework Review

Dear Student

Changes in Course Delivery

I am writing to inform you that over the last year the Arts University reviewed the Curriculum Framework and the assessment regulations for HE courses.  As a result there will be a new Regulatory Framework with associated assessment regulations in operation for Level 4 and Level 5 students as from October 2012.  Your course team may have discussed the changes with you already, but this information is being sent to all BA students who are expecting to progress to Year 2 (Level 5) to ensure that everybody receives formal confirmation of the changes.

Key Changes in the Framework

The basic unit will change from a 15 credit unit to a 20 credit unit and courses will be designed on this basis using multiples of 20 ie  20, 40 and 60 credit units.

Courses will be designed so that unit delivery will be aligned more closely to academic terms to help cross course collaboration or complementarity.

Key Changes in the Assessment Regulations

In future all assessment will continue to be given a percentage mark, however a “notched” marking scheme will be used.  This means that the only marks available within any ten point band will be: *2  *5  *8   eg 42, 45, 48.

The final outcome of your degree will still be based on your overall average which is comprised of 25% Level 5 average and 75% of Level 6 average but a different form of calculation will be applicable in determining the classification.

These and other changes are outlined in University documentation available in October 2012.

So what does this mean for me?

As you are aware in the last academic year your course went through five yearly review; you will, therefore, be following the reviewed course with new units and patterns of delivery.  You will be provided with a new course handbook and regulatory handbook at the start of the year; you will also receive further explanation of the changes that have taken place in the curriculum and in the assessment regulations.

Please make sure that you read your new documentation carefully and raise any questions with your course team at the start of the academic year.


Pamela Wade

Registration and Assessment Officer