Becoming a student means managing your money, and it can be a challenge to budget for the whole year.

The results of NatWest’s Student Living Index 2017 have revealed that Poole is one of the top 20 most affordable cities for students, ranking 14th in this year’s index.

To give you an idea of what things cost, take a look at the average monthly spend for a student in private rented accommodation*:

Type of spending

Average amount spent
per MONTH (£)

Rent £373
Utility Bills (Gas, Electricity, Water) £37
Mobile phone £19
Food £110
Travel £48
Books £27
Clothes £33
Socialising (Eating out, Cinema, Clubs etc.) £67
Other £31
Total student monthly spending £745


You do need to consider your finances, but don’t panic!

The Prep HE Bursary Fund (for UK and EU Prep HE students), The Additional Grant Hardship Fund (for English domiciled Higher Education students in receipt of the maximum maintenance loan) and Overseas Emergency Fund (for International students) can all provide extra funding.

AUB also has a number of funds that may be able to provide small amounts of additional funding to help you deal with any emergency. For example, if your student loan payments are delayed, we can lend you some money to live on in the meantime, and we can even lend you up to £30 in cash if you’ve forgotten your wallet!

Please contact Student Advice for more information:


Telephone: +44 1202 363034


*Figures taken from