Bournemouth is known for its cultural diversity and with that comes the many religions that make up these cultures.

There are many places of worship which cater for the various religions that make up Bournemouth’s identity. From the Churches to the Mosques to the Synagogues, these places are often open to anyone who wants to take some time to reflect or worship and not just inclusive to that religion.

AUB shares a chaplaincy with Bournemouth University and this is available to be used by all faiths. If you feel like talking to a Chaplain, Bill Merrington, the Senior Chaplain, is happy to be contacted.

Facilities for prayers (such as the Islamic Prayer Room) and the quiet room for reflection are used by students, teachers and the public. Tea and biscuits are also on offer to make the chaplaincy more welcoming.

The chaplaincy can also be simply used for some quiet reading as books are available on the various faiths and religions that make up the population of Bournemouth.

If you need to talk to anybody in confidence, there is a way of contacting local religious leaders through the Chaplaincy.  This allows you to meet and discuss any issues of faith that you may be questioning or need clarification with. Just a simple chat is also on offer, even if it is non-religious.

This facility also allows you to meet people from the community, socialise and interact with people that you would probably never meet.

Social events are also organised such as days out to local and national places of interest.