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Dr Patti Gaal-Holmes


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Senior Lecturer, BA (Hons) Film Production

Patti’s work considers how ‘photofilmic’ practices using still and moving image can open up dialogues between past and present, investigating the truth in ‘meaningful’ existence. Focusing on experimental narratives, Patti’s autobiographical work uses archival film and materials to ‘break the frame’ in order to travel between the past, present and future.

Paulo Magagnoli’s ‘critical nostalgia’ and W.G Sebald’s search for the ‘nervature of the past’ provide contexts for Patti’s project, ‘into the frameless distance’, focused on her father’s escape from Hungary (1948), internment in a Displaced Persons camp in Austria and eventual asylum in Belgium (1950).

With few facts about the journey, the project necessitates a methodology that moves between fact, fiction and confabulation, with the lack of evidence pinning down a reality – or truth of events – that can be manifested through the visionary’s search in dreams, alchemy and intangibility of memory.

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