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Creative Business & Freelancing Programme: Sales and Marketing

Hosted by Sam Howell, Business Consultant


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This session will give you an understanding of sales and Marketing strategies that will help you promote your business.

Attracting and converting new business has always been and still is, one of the biggest business risk factors. Having discipline, being proactive and coming up with new ideas will ensure strategies pan out the way companies need them to. We will be looking at:

  • Sales strategies
  • How to approach prospective customers
  • How to ensure your marketing is efficient
  • What channels to use, social media, face to face, telemarketing, TV, YouTube, magazines, etc
  • Building a network and using it properly
  • Understanding your market
  • Watching the competition
  • Creating alliances
  • Choosing the right sub-contractors
  • Creating control in your life
  • Asking for help, not being an alpha-person

To attend, just register and sign up on for more information go to and follow us on Instagram @aubcareers

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