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The lecture theatre was fully booked for Peter’s talk

Creative Business and Freelancing Programme: Designing your Business model

Hosted by Sam Howell, Business Consultant


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We’ll be looking at the different types of paths that companies go down and the ultimate goals they seek to achieve. This will affect your whole business from day one and forever, thus it is very important to get it right at the start or more importantly before.

  • Creating the right strategy
  • Effectively organising your time
  • Maintaining focus and drive
  • How you will charge your customers
  • Staff and outsourcing, when to start building a team
  • The digital agency models and how this industry is changing
  • How to protect your IP i.e. copyright, trademark and patenting
  • Staying on-trend or ahead of the game

To attend, just register and sign up on for more information go to and follow us on Instagram @aubcareers

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