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The Joy of Making

Watch our Technician Demonstrators share a creative process from their studio space on camera

Introducing The Joy of Making

At the heart of our community is a collection of specialist studios – each dedicated to its own subject area and supported by Academics and Technician Demonstrators.

Before our campus went into lockdown, we invited a few of our Technician Demonstrators to share a creative process from their studio space on camera.

We hope you enjoy these snippets of creative life in our studios and we look forward to welcoming students back to our campus once the crisis is over.

Watch The Joy of Making

Lily Voicu

Lily Voicu is currently a Technician Demonstrator within Architecture, assisting both students and staff in their practice. Along with software demonstrations, Lily is actively involved in inducting students in printmaking techniques, as well as bookbinding.

Sam Edwards

Since graduating from AUB in BA Modelmaking, Sam Edwards has been honing his skills as a creative maker across a variety disciplines for 15 years, including Architectural Modelmaking, Prototyping, Theatrical stage design, and bespoke builds and installations. Sam currently continues his passion for 3D making, working with Level 6 students on the Costume and Performance Design course to realise their stage designs.

Eugenia Popesco

Eugenia is a practising fine artist who specialises in Printmaking. Eugenia often seeks to push the boundaries of Print as a medium, extending Print’s materiality into unconventional forms, often involving multidisciplinary installations as well as also observing Print in its traditional sense. Eugenia’s printmaking has also been commissioned by the TATE, for poster designs sold in TATE Modern shops 2015-2019.

Gideon Bohannon

Gideon has been working as a professional modelmaker for almost twenty years. Though he has had a varied career, his main specialism has been in stop motion animation, working with Aardman Animations for over a decade. Since completing his MA in Illustration, Gideon has continued to work with research and art-based practitioners, exploring the cohesive relationship between art and science.

Jonathan Hoyle

Jonathan has worked in a range of areas within areas within model making including prop design, production design for film and advertising, animation and architectural visualisation. He’s currently working on BA (Hons) Modelmaking delivering a variety of CAD programs, 3D printing and other techniques.

Carry on creating

If the current crisis tells us anything, it’s that communities are built on something stronger than bricks and mortar. Communities are living organisms made up of families and friendships, fuelled by shared ideas and passions. Although we may be temporarily isolated, we’re not alone.

The usual routines of our creative community may be locked down right now, but we’ve learnt that creativity can’t be so easily repressed. It’ll always find ways to express itself. We may wish more than anything that our studios were open, but our creativity doesn’t stop because of that.

Here are some examples of how our community of students, academics and technicians have responded to lockdown. They’ve made studios in their kitchens, bedrooms and gardens and continue to imagine, make and create. In doing so, they have reminded us all how creativity feeds our humanity.

Share your Joy of Making

If you’d like to share your lockdown creativity with us, we’d be delighted to share it on our social channels and a dedicated online Gallery.

Join us to celebrate The Joy of Making – lockdown style.

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