“I’m exhibiting two different series. The first is called ‘I know a young lady who swallowed a fly…’. It’s a set of eight images and they’ve been influenced by insects. We’ve got moths and jewelled caterpillars and they’re all reflected in the clothing. I wanted to make something that was not about the person but more visually interesting as an image.

The second is from an editorial portrait series. It’s kind-of got an intrepid explorer feel and the backdrops were made by hand and it was shot in natural light in the studio. It was a lot of work! We went to the skip three times to get paints, I broke my car once and had to get it towed. I shot old Polaroids that were eight years old and they form different colours. All of the backdrops were painted copies of Polaroids that I’ve shot.

[AUB] is in a great location, it’s got the sea, it’s got the city, it’s got London very close. It’s got a bit of everything for everyone.”