“I’ve been working on a luxury sailing yacht for my final major project. I’ve created a model based on an existing sailing yacht made in Southampton, the Oyster 885 – one of their very popular series.

It’s been a pleasure to work on. In terms of the processes that I have used, I’m very interested in the crossover from digital into physical through rapid prototyping. I started with a high quality render of the boat – it’s all designed on a computer first – and translated that into something physical.

The hull was CNC machined and cut in three parts on two axes and then assembled together. I used 3D printing, including a resin printer and a plastic printer, as well as SLA and FDL printing. I finished the boat using traditional skills.

I contacted Oyster Yachts to let them know that I was making the model. They were very supportive and put me in touch with some useful contacts at their end. I sent them some pictures and they were really pleased I was doing it.

I’ve also made an architectural model of a whiskey distillery in Scotland. That was a great project to work on because it was a live brief and I had a lot of contact with them. I created them a nice clean model of the distillery that they could use in the visitor centre, for tourists before they do their tasting.

It’s the oldest distillery in the Highlands of Scotland and it’s still operating now. The layout of the buildings has changed a lot over the years and they wanted to get that across in a physical model.

My time at AUB has been fantastic, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I did my Foundation at the University too and that was good. Doing the three years of Modelmaking, there are no limitations. The facilities that AUB has are just brilliant. We have our own workshop to ourselves just downstairs in the new Make-up and Modelmaking building.

It means that if you have an idea, you can work on it – you can design and then make it. There’s really not much that’s limiting you.

I’m quite into the rapid prototyping of design work, so I’d like to work somewhere that offers that crossover between digital and physical.”