Work Experience

I was asked to produce a couple of designs for a window manifestation at the front entrance of a hospital for mental health patients. I used items associated with the area to create a calming and interesting design that people will see as they enter the building. Using different opacities and layers, the aim is to create an interesting projection using natural light, as well as an aesthetic image.

IBI Nightingale design mainly for health care, so by creating a User Engagement booklet, working with CHAT mental health workshops, it allows clients to see how the users are involved in the projects. The booklet contains innovative engagement ideas such as large scale models for clients to understand the project in whole, 3D virtual modelling and open day showrooms, where clients can see a model room and say what they like and dislike.

I was asked by my work experience to design a bedroom for a dementia patient using the knowledge and experienced I had gained through research and my time there. Using specific guidelines, I designed my own dementia friendly furniture with vision panels and scooped drawers for visual access. I have also used appropriate colour schemes using recommendations and selected healthcare friendly materials for finishes and furniture.