“The work I’m showing is two projects. The first is a documentary project titled The Witches, about British witchcraft. I’ve had an interest in witchcraft, and wanted to know what it was really about. You get a lot of stuff from horror films, as well as pop culture, and it makes you think that it’s all to do with worshipping the devil.

I did some research, and it’s weird because everything is on Facebook now. If you’re looking for contacts for documentary projects, you can find groups on Facebook! I was really lucky to find a group called the Southampton Witches. A woman set up a group for solitary witches, women who weren’t in covens.

Through her I was able to meet with a lot of witches and understand what it’s about. It’s a pagan religion, and nothing to do with the devil. It’s about worshipping the earth, the sun, the moon etc. It’s such a peaceful religion. I wanted to show that these are real people, people you work with every day, and you don’t even realise it.

I’ve done a portrait series and then, accompanying that, I’ve got pictures of them from their rituals. It mixes stereotypes such as cauldrons and broomsticks, but showing that it’s actually a real thing.

I find it really important to interview everyone, and I have text to go with everything. I think it’s really important to read about the people and really understand their lives.

I’m a documentary photographer, but I’d love to get into film more. Sometimes I’ll be photographing something and wish that I could be filming it. I’m really keen to expand on my projects and maybe collaborate with Film students to turn it into a documentary.

I have a place on MA Commercial Photography here, which I’ve decided to do part-time. A lot of time is spent trying to gain the trust of you subjects, you can’t just turn up and start photographing people. You need people to be comfortable around you, that’s when you get the best photos. I think that doing the MA over two years gives me more time to do this. I want to show the real people behind everything.”