Christina Evans graduated from BA (Hons) Photography in 2014. She chats to us about what she’s been up to since leaving AUB.

My recent project is called ‘Boxes of Oranges’, it’s a slow process. I took the images this time last year when I went travelling with a friend; I’m hopefully trying to finalise it into a book. There are a lot of decisions to be made; what paper, cover, font, size, image selection and layout, what works what doesn’t work.

I submitted my work to a competition. The lady from Live Art Local in Fareham got back to me and asked if I would like to do a solo show. I was delighted so I said yes even though it was a quick turnaround.  I managed to get frames done in a week and prints in a day; I had to bribe the guy with chocolates to get it done on time and then I put up the show that weekend and it opened on 26th October.

Like a lot of people I decided to go travelling after uni. I had a small fund I had saved up. I could either use it to start renting a place or to go travelling and I decided on the latter. I had a great time going around Europe, it was definitely money well spent; especially when you have been in education your whole life, you need that break. I think you need it especially when you’re creative. I took my camera with me and came back with this body of work.

Mostly it’s about the things you see every day. I’m fascinated by colour, by form, composition and I’m intrigued by the strangeness that you see, or the things that people wouldn’t usually notice and capturing them in an image.

Yeah a lot of it is based on chance.  All the images are taken when I’m just wandering around looking around me and it just so happens that I stumble upon this image. One image I took when I was in 2nd year was of a dog out of a window. I took a shot and it worked. For me it’s that one shot and that’s it. I only take one image if it works it works if not then…

My degree show was about your wanderings around Winton and Boscombe. I took them at a pivotal point in spring. It’s a transitional time in the area the weather is changing, students are leaving and tourists are arriving. I was looking at the subtle coincidences; a lot of the images include pairs in the subject.

Photography can be quite broad in terms of the career, you might get into and for me I was interested in the gallery environment. I started interning at TheGallery at uni and went on from there to Six Gallery in Boscombe, were I had the use of the space for two weeks, so I programmed four different exhibitions. I set up a collective in order to share ideas and support each other and we put together at Factory in Boscombe.  A few of us from the collective took part in Bournemouth Emerging Artist Fringe this year. We put together a show at the Old School House and it was really nice to go back after graduation and do something completely independent.

There are a lot of people who have set up websites that showcase their love of image making and curating and I thought “why don’t I do one myself?” So I’m hoping to maybe produce publications or run exhibitions but at the moments it’s about gathering together people that I admire contacting people whose work I really like and asking them to be part of it. It’s good because at my current job I’m based at a computer, so any free time I can use to develop this work.

I work as Programme Administrator as part of the School of Media and Film at The University of Winchester. I get to use the library there which is great and as part of the job they have offered me a Masters Degree Culture and Arts Management which I will start in September. So yeah it’s really great and I think the masters will bring all these elements together.

What is your One Piece of Advice?

Don’t give up keep going. Don’t sell out and make the work people want you to do.  Get your work printed, frame it make it into a book but don’t just leave everything as digital files.

See more of Christina’s work on her website.