“Last year when all the flooding happened, I went up to the Somerset levels and helped out getting their houses back together. I met a volunteer group there. In December, the council cut all of the funding, so the volunteer group didn’t happen anymore.

This came about because people had given up their jobs to help these people get back into their homes, and I just wanted to know why. I ended up going to the food bank and it got really deep, because people that have used it go back to volunteer. It’s about getting back into society.

There’s a lady at Cherry Tree Nursery, which is for mentally ill people. They help with the gardening to get back into society and give them a purpose to wake up for in the morning. I don’t think the volunteers are celebrated, they’re quite hidden in society, and they do so much!

I couldn’t really believe how much the Somerset guys had done for the villagers, and why they had done it. It’s amazing.

I’ve had the best time on Photography. It’s been so good and I’m so glad that I’ve done it. I’ve learnt so much, and now I know what I want to do. I absolutely love documentary photography and portrait photography, so I’d like to continue that in my own personal practice, but I’d also like to go into commercial work.”