“The sculpture is of the model. She’s got a skin condition called vitiligo, where parts of the skin have no pigment, and can’t get exposed to the sun. She’s really famous, and her condition has sort of bought her into the modelling industry. I thought it would be interesting to portray that in a sculpture.

“I sculpted it using clay and moulded and casted it using fibreglass and silicone, and airbrushed it with silicone paints.

“I also did a commission for a church in Southampton. They had plans to extend the front and add some design elements, and wanted me to make a model to show the congregation what the new building would look like. It’s made out of acrylic, mdf, and 3d prints.

“AUB has been amazing. I did a Foundation first, and attended an internal Open Day. That’s when I found out about the Modelmaking course. It’s been really good, a lot of learning and life skills. You’re surrounded by other creatives and there’s a lot of inspiration. Because it’s quite small, you get a lot of quality interaction with the lecturers. I’ve really, really, enjoyed it!

“I haven’t really specified what I’d like to go into. I think my work shows a lot of different skills, so I want to explore the different areas and keep improving my skills.”