“It was done for my final major, so we had 16 weeks to work. I wanted to pick something that had a purpose, that wasn’t just for a shelf, so it was a real thing. I’ve done a lot of film work and they used to do furniture making in the past, so I thought let’s make a chair.

I really like the Viking art style, so I can do lots of decorative carving. All the hollows were jig sawed out, and then it was all chisels and scalpels and knives. It was all done by hand, I don’t use computers at all. All the little details were sheet wax, all cut out by hand. I’m very proud because I’d never carved before. There’s a first time for everything. Ideally I’d like to do more prop work and film stuff.

My time has been wonderful, I’ve done everything I could have wanted. I’ve had a go at every process and every type of material. I’ve had loads of opportunities for work and it’s been brilliant.”