“Ventnor is based on the Isle of Wight and the centre of their community is this small scale fishing business which has been there since the 1980s. They are struggling to survive at the moment and don’t have much to spend, but want to expand other the Isle of Wight and maybe onto the mainland in the future.

Currently they have only got a fishery and a hot take away, so I have modernised their fishery counter and take away, using the disused building next door which is an old sewage pumping station, I have turned this into a restaurant.

It is all about going through the processes of cooking and preparing the fish. The customers will start at the end of the fishery pier and watch the fisherman land the fish. There will be a take away where they can get crab or lobster on chips. They can go to the preparation area to see the fish being prepared and eventually they can buy the fish from the wet counter at the end. There will be a fishmonger showing customers how to do small scale preparation.

In the restaurant there is an open view of the kitchen, so you can see then prepare your food. Upstairs the main bar looks out to sea, as it is right on the harbour.

Throughout my whole design I have used locally sourced materials to reflect the local fishing ethos, including local dried seaweed.

It has been a good three years at AUB. Stressful, but good!”