“I’ve got two photographic pieces. They’re both from different projects, but quite similar aesthetically. One is a piece on unusual fragrances, based on the most bizarre fragrances that you can buy, one of which is honey. I wanted to create a visually interesting piece, and have honey drips onto a perfume bottle, and have bees around it.

The other piece is on bizarre beauty rituals. I wanted to show off 24 karat gold facial, a weird beauty routine women go through to look younger. To do that, I got hands dripping in gold paint, which I thought looked really unusual.

I specialise in still life photography. Conceptually, for it to be really interesting, the idea has to be there. It’s trying to think of unusual concepts to push creative boundaries.

I’ve definitely grown over time. I came into the course thinking that I wanted to be a Fashion Photographer, but I love the independence of working with still life. I found that working in a studio I could really develop my knowledge of lighting, which is a huge part of still life photography.

The tutors have been amazing and taught me so much. We had access to the most amazing pieces of equipment as well. The whole course was really friendly and a really close community.

The plan now is to contact Photographers and do some assisting in London to further my knowledge.”