On Sunday 15th October, as part of the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, I took part in The Umbrella Project run by Cirque Bijou. Anyone could get involved with this project although there were a limited number of spaces, there was a range of different people who took part including the three of us from the Creative Events Management course.

We took part in a workshop before where we learnt the different movement sequences and how to operate the umbrellas. It then came to the evening, and the actual performance, we paraded performing the sequences all down the gardens to the pier and back. The audience loved it and there were big crowds the whole way.

The Arts by the Sea festival itself had a huge variety of things to see and of what I saw of it was very interesting and expressive. Being part of The Umbrella Project was a great experience and it was great seeing how these type of events were actually carried out. The feeling of performing always brings me happiness and it was very special to be able to a part of everyone else’s performance experiences whether it was a first time thing for them or they have done it before.

It was a fantastic, well organised and memorable day and I enjoyed it so much.

Thank You to Cirque Bijou for the amazing opportunity.

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